From holiday inharmonic we return to burdenless. Our haven amongst dislogic. This space we coalesce.

Remember what is comfort. Welcome home my sweet. Whatever the day has brought you, it is time to rest your feet.

17th May 2018, I experienced something astonishing. At my lowest point a facet of our universe brought me back from death. Presented with an opportunity to learn I took note of everything I could.

I became an observer, eyes relensed. Reasoning mind and matter from the perspective of mind and matter. A journey of one over zero with all wind in my sails.

This site is where I offer my summations. I share my thoughts as accurately and honestly as I can as I seek the truth to what I experienced. I felt the resonance of truth and I hope you do too.

Excerpt from Origin

"I had witnessed, and continued to witness a new and foreign perspective. I focused myself on the remnants. I oscillated again, pen against paper. Reality deepened. I saw structure. I felt connection. I obtained information not of my own.

Heavily inspired and intensely motivated. Activated and alive. Changed fundamentally by this, the most lucid experience of my life."

Will will will now or will wait until we again?

Yours the will that decides the depth of will that resides.