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An act of more then mere sensing. Making fact of probability. Events, the order they are put in. A recording of causality.

What I experienced changed me. I was left in awe. The nature and subject matter was beyond intriguing. It was vital to record as much as possible while it was still vivid and present.

I began making notes immediately. I observed the world around me through new eyes. I continued to experience thrills. Rushes compelling my hand to write. To date, five hand written journals, thousands of illustrations and six terabytes of further observations.

While the data was being gathered I restricted others influence. I did not conduct any research. I avoided the internet and television. I needed to keep my notes and observations pure and untainted. I could conduct research once my thoughts were fully solidified. Absolutely not before.

20180922_233200 Pads
20180922_233200 1 Pads1

The observed observer brought me flavor. Major and minor. A new palette to savour.

Focused mind and body labour. Thrills to contractions. Pen to paper.

The pen recording mind. These leaves reflecting mine.

Matter of fact. Products of time. Words left written. Seen from behind.

20181111_234400 Heigh-Ho
20181111_234400 Heigh-Ho
20181107_150100 Transmissions
20181107_150100 Transmissions

My eyes wide open. My mind an open book. Reason within me scoping. Gut-will taking a look.

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20180904_142500 Cityscape And Highrise

A structure stays in motion unless it is acted upon.

Regardless of its scale or where it has travelled from.

Revolution brings to focus, structures centre found.

Calibrated is its nature, resonant in its sound.

It's time I got off, somewhere to be.

Spin through the door Tazmanian me.

Slip through the floor I'm off to go see.

Down from below and up from beneath.