20180420: I was abruptly suspended from employment without any prior warning. 6 fabricated accusations brought against me. Man-handled by management. Communications ignored. Not allowed to return. 7 years of personal and professional IP stolen. Slandered. Privacy violated. I became medically unwell.

I delivered a honest and solid defence 20180430. My words evidently mocked as I was terminated 20180508. I had dozens of emails ignored during this period. They could not speak to me as what they did was wrong.

20180515: My appeal to Horde International Ltd (hordeconsultancy.co.uk) contained 24 factual offences. 24 times Primo Play Ltd (www.centurion-rugby.comwww.beemat.co.uk) violated their contract to me. A contract emblazoned with Hordes black mark. It was a sham. My appeal was dismissed 20180522. The police, while appreciative, did not have the means to help me. Solicitors would not take my case. Doctors prescribed me medication. My circle and I suffered greatly.

I will make the entirety of the case available to anyone that requests it.

Human hands without hearts touch. Removed of all emotion. Selfishness praised, gold in clutch. Cancerous misdevotion.

20180627_114400 Counterfeit
20180707_090300 Judgement

Emotions raw in plain sight. Truth in shadow and highlight. 

Depth of meaning; black and white. Message understood, airtight.

Our actions all have impact. Egos connected find what's true.

Careful where you point your finger at else our lens may focus you.